Established in 1994, Cinecrane is not an ordinary Cameras Rental House. Based in Athens, we provide leading rental services of professional grip equipment and expert staff.

Our inventory includes U-Crane Arm Dynamic (ex Russian Arm Dynamic), Scorpio 45’ Technocrane, Scorpio 17’ Technocrane, Scorpio 10’ Technocrane, Supertechno 30’ Technocrane, BOLT On Tracks Motion Control, Filmotechnic Stabilized Heads, Scorpio Stabilized Head, Scorpio Travelling Dolly HD.

We are the only ones in Greece who supply the products take pride in the high level of professionalism and competence of our proficient staff, who can meet the most exacting production requirements.

Having gained the respect and trust of the people in the field, we feel proud but also greatly motivated and obliged to keep up the hard work.

With numerous participations in big productions such as feature films, live TV shows, commercials, sports events, documentaries, music clips and others we have collected vast experience in the field and thus, we’re in a position to operate under demanding circumstances.
Cinecrane offers a wide inventory of equipment which is maintained to the highest standards.

We are looking forward to contributing to one of your projects. For any further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Stefanos Tsigas

CEO - Founder

Remote Head Camera Operator

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Panos Tsigas


Remote Head Camera Operator

Why choose us?

For our professionalism, our renowned experience, our high quality service and our love for what we do.
Having been 20 years in the Advertising and Film, every new film production is a challenge for us


Cinecrane offers rental services of its rich owned equipment, which can be transferred to the production destination via our vehicles. Our inventory includes telescopic cranes, cameras, lenses, lights, rails etc. (for the detailed list please check the equipment link).

The equipment is constantly upgraded to keep pace with the latest technological developments.

Cinecrane takes great pride in its unrivalled team, which consists of the most experienced and highly knowledgeable crane operators in Greece as well as camera operators and sound assistants. Our staff can meet the most exacting standards due to their great expertise, professionalism and passion.

We consider our human capital to be our biggest competitive advantage.

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