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Angenieux 15-40mm/ T2.6

Category: Lenses

The Angénieux Type EZ-2 for S35mm cameras is a wide zoom lens with a zoom factor of 2.7x. Its focal range and aperture are set to 15-40mm F1.9/T2. By exchanging the rear lens group, the lens becomes a 22-60mm F2.8/T3 covering an image circle up to 46mm diagonal.
Angenieux 15-40mm/ T2.6
  • 15-40mm T2 / f1.9, image coverage up to 30mm diagonal.
  • Extremely fast T2 across zoom range with no ramping.
  • Lightweight (2,120g / 4.6 pounds).
  • Extremely wide coverage with minimal distortion.
  • Internal focusing & zooming, lens size remains constant throughout zooming & focusing range.
  • Traditional angenieux look, colorimetry matches those of Optimo & OPTIMO STYLE series.
  • Short MOD 0.6m / 2 feet.
  • In-lens thermal compensation, significantly reduces temperature drift
  • Precise and ergonomic focus ring with scale rotation of 300 degrees.
  • Luminescent FTZ markings, easy reading in dark
  • Available with PL lens mount, easy conversion to EF or E mount by users.
  • Front diameter 114mm, matte boxes compatible with those used on OPTIMO & OPTIMO STYLE compact zooms
  • Detachable ENG style zoom grip available from MOVCAM