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flight head colibri cinecrane

Flight Head Colibri

Category: Remote Heads

The 3 axis stabilized Flight Head Colibri is precisely engineered remote head that enhances your filming experience and is perfect anywhere a small camera head is required. This lightweight, compact and durable carbon fiber camera head enables floating and highly stable dynamic footage. It can be mounted on a variety of moving platforms: regular or telescopic crane, dolly, tracking system, camera car, boat, cablecam, towercam. Colibri offers reliable performance, smooth and stable control and highly efficient operation.

About Flight Head Colibri
  • Sleek and modern design
  • Precise and responsive control
  • Accommodates all popular compact broadcast and film camera packages
  • Lens drive interface for Canon and Fujinon broadcast lenses
  • Cmotion and WCU4 Preston (zoom) compatible
  • Control: Joystick console, hand wheels, panbar
  • Quick release camera balance plate
  • Mount type: Mitchell or fmount
  • Underslung / Overslung
  • Silent operation
  • Wired / Wireless
  • Water resistant
  • Angular position indication
  • Recorded moves
  • Custom horizon
  • Hold position
  • PID presets
  • Limits
  • No drift