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GFM GF-8 Xten

Category: Grip

The GF-8 CRANE SYSTEM is an industry standard in modular rideable and remote cranes. It‘s versatile, durable and provides unmatched ease of movement and steady crane moves. The simple rigging assembly and fast set up make the GF-8 extremely popular. By adding the Xten Kit, the standard GF-8 crane can be extended to a GF-8 Xten Crane providing extra height and lift range.
About GFM GF-8 Xten

The GF-8 CRANE SYSTEM follows an ultra modular design concept. It allows for easy rigging assembly and a fast and logical setup. Despite being constructed of lightweight parts, the arm remains extremely stable. There is a choice between two different base dolly models, which also function as a Western or Track Dolly. A dedicated Transport trolley is available. All parts have the surface hardened Hart-Coat® finish.

By adding the Xten kit, the standard GF-8 can – at any time – be extended to a GF-8 Xten Crane, providing extra height and range.

gmf gf xten