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Scorpio 10

Category: Grip

TheScorpio 10’ is a two-section telescopic arm for standard dolly (available adaptors for any brand). Servicevision has designed this two section telescopic arm to provide to any dolly in the market the possibility of adding a telescopic arm to its featuring. The Scorpio 10’ has an optional base with wheels and track wheels (62 cm tracks) that risers the arm to 1,15 m.
About Scorpio 10


is standard mode that allows telescopic electronic movement, powering the crane by batteries and warranting the well-known performance of all Scorpio telescopic cranes, it’s behaviour, smoothness and high precision in low and high speed movements.


is a new mode that allows to create manual movements, where the operator will be able to move the telescopic by using the hands and the head will follow according keeping the horizon. As every Scorpio telescopic crane, the new 10’ preserves the excellence of its bigger brothers.