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Scorpio Travelling 2

Scorpio Travelling

The design of its column allows us to move the point of view from 50cm (1’8″) to 170cm (5’7″) high. Recordable and repeatable movements in all axes, including lens control to be able to work like a Motion Control. The Pan axis includes a big bearing who allows us to move smooth and high speed the complete column including the Tilt and the Camera. Like this we have 360 degrees continues in Pan ant Tilt axes.
About Scorpio Traveling


  • Limits, speed control and damping control are available from the control desk.
  • Powered by power supply or 30V batteries.
  • Controlled by cable until 1Km distance or wireless until 500 meters.
  • Capable to be controlled by one or two operators from a joystick, handwhels or Pan bar.
  • Included pedal control for the travelling movement.


  • 360º free in Pan and Tilt axes including Triax and HD signal.
  • Travelling in 40cm tracks with the option to use 62cm trans just changing the direction of the travelling wheels.
  • Able to run in right tracks or curved tracks.
  • The complete column can be removed and becomes a high speed travelling to use on it a Scorpio Stabilized Head or similar for high speed movements.