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Russian Arm Dynamic

Category: Grip

Rigged on top of a powerful Porsche Cayenne Turbo and using a lighter arm than the standard Russian Arm it provides you with high-level dynamic shots without compromises.

The Russian Arm Dynamic (also called the RAD) does not use counter weights, so it is much smaller, lower, lighter and thus more versatile and agile than any other standard arm. It allows you to shoot under low bridges, in tunnels, in buildings and on narrow alley ways. Race tracks, curvy mountain roads and narrow streets are its favorite playgrounds.

About Russian Arm Dynamic
The Russian Arm Dynamic loves high-speed car chases !

The RAD will arrive to your shooting location already pre-rigged and is ready to shoot within 1,5 hours. We offer to set up/test your camera and lenses the day before the shoot. In this case we are ready to shoot within 15 minutes upon arrival at location of the shooting day.

The light weight of the system allows you to put the RAD on almost any car within 6hrs – ready to shoot.