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Arri Carl Zeiss T2.1 PL

Category: Lenses

They are small, solid, lightweight, fast enough at T2.1 and have an organic sharpness and fall-off bokeh which is different to modern lenses, they also have slightly more contrast too.
About Arri Carl Zeiss T2.1 PL
The Standard Speed MKII primes have plenty of character, personality and history. They bring an additional filmic aesthetic to modern digital cameras. We have 5 x ARRI Zeiss Standard Speed MKII primes available:
  • 12mm T 2.1
  • 16mm T 2.1
  • 20mm T 2.1
  • 24mm T 2.1
  • 32mm T 2.1
  • 40mm T 2.1
  • 50mm T 2.1
  • 85mm T 2.1
  • 100mm T 2.1
  • 135mm T 2.1
  • 180mm T 2.1